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My colleague made this drawing project with her students: Make your own drawing tool. Pretty cool!



"Your rainbow panorama" establishes a dialogue with the existing architecture and reinforces what was already there, that is to say the view across the city. I have created a space that can almost be said to erase the boundary between inside and outside - a place where you become a little uncertain as to whether you have stepped into a work of art or into part of the museum. This uncertainty is important to me, as it encourages people to think and sense beyond the limits within which they are accustomed to function./Olafur Eliasson/foto: rieCph


Just a stone’s throw from the famous statue of Charlie Chaplin, the fork has likewise become an emblem for the town of Vevey. Yet though local inhabitants and those enjoying lakeside strolls embraced the fork from the outset, obtaining permission for it to take up permanent residence in Lake Geneva was no piece of cake!

At its official inauguration ceremony in September 2009, County Counsellor Jacqueline de Quattro highlighted the symbolic power such works of art can acquire, as with the mermaid in Copenhagen, the Manneken Pis in Brussels and now the fork in Vevey.

The fork is a statue of great stature! Made of stainless steel, it is 8m high and 1.3m wide. It was designed by Jean-Pierre Zaugg, a sculptor from Neuchâtel, Switzerland and embedded in the lake in February 1995 to commemorate the Alimentarium’s tenth anniversary. It was initially intended to grace the lakeshore in front of the Museum for one year.

In 1996, despite backing from the town of Vevey, the Alimentarium did not obtain authorisation for the fork to stay. Hence it left Lake Geneva for Littau in the Canton of Lucerne, to embellish the garden outside the Berndorf cutlery factory.

However, in September 2007, this impressive utensil came home for the Couverts découverts  temporary exhibition on cutlery. That same year, a petition confirmed popular desire to keep the fork in Lake Geneva. The Vevey Town Council joined in the proceedings and this time the outcome was positive! In autumn 2008, the Canton of Vaud decreed that the fork could remain as part of the Lake Geneva landscape.

foto: rieCph